You call me long gone

        Some call me long gone, I'm leavin' town
        Don't try to follow, I can't be found
        I'll take my rainbows and the sunshine too
        And the only worry that I have in the heel of my shoe

They caught me bummin' in the park one day
You saw me thunbin' on the old highway
Well listen baby I want you to know
that your dear old Daddy's got a home everywhere I go

They took me money and my big fine care
You thought you'd beat me but you didn't by far
Til' the big boys got me, oh but I got away
And you're gonna miss your dear old Daddy some of these days

        * Refrain

Just me and a bottle of old Black Crow
Happy go lucky down the road I go
Ain't got no worries, ain't got no cares
Easy load and a lonesome road is all I share

        * Refrain

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