Yellow river

So long boys, you can take my place
I've got my papers, I've got my pay
So pack my begs and I'm on my way
To Yellow river
Put my gun down, the war is won
You can fill my glass, Oh the time has come
I'm goin' back to the place that I love
To Yellow river

	Yellow river, Yellow river
	It's in my mind and in my eyes
	Yellow river, Yellow river
	It's in my blood, It's a place I love
	I've got me time for explanations
	Got no time to lose
	Tomorrow nitght you'll find me sleepin'
	Out beneath the moon at Yellow river

Head on fire, anger's in my mind
And I'm so glad I'm still alive
I've been gane for such a long time
From Yellow river
I remember the night were cool
I can still see the water pool
And I rememver the girl that I knoew
From Yellow river

	* Refrain

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