Working on the road
Update 2002-07-22

Each day I get so lonely while living here below
My Savior's waiting patiently I'm planning now to go
I want a firm foundation that's due to God's own hand
That's why I started building a road to glory land

    I'm working on the road ( I'm working on the road )
    That leads to glory ( that leads to glory )
    I want to shake my Saviour's hand ( my Saviour's hand )
    I'm building my hopes ( I'm building my hopes )
    On things eternal ( on the things eternal )
    I'm working on the road ( I'm working on the road )
    To glory land

Oh listen to me sinners don't you wan't to go
You know we have no promise of living here below
You know he suffered for our sins and died upon the cross
For all who did believe on him their souls will not be lost

 * Refrain

And when this road is finished I want to travel on
I can hear the Angels singing up there around the throne
I want to see my mother and take her by the hand
As soon as I have finshed the road to flory land

 * Refrain
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