Where the mississippi washes

Where the mississippi washes on the sunny southern shore
And the steamboat comes a puffin' round the bend
Where the little old log cabin with the grapevine o'er the door
And the multi covered chimney at the end

Away down yonder in Kansas they told me I would find
Money growin' like apples on a tree
But sweet old Dinah told me there was nothing of the kind
And the climate was so cold that I wouldfreeze

Oh take me back to my good old southern home
Where I use to hoe the cotton and the cane
Take me back to my good old southern home
Where I never will leave good old Dixie Land again

I can see the smoke a curlin' round that little chimney top
A mixin' with the green leaves of the trees
I'm a gonna start running and I know I'll never stop
Till I fall down by that cabin on my knees

Well I left old Dinah weepin' when I did her last farewell
And I kissed her rosy cheeks and named the day
And I thank the Lord for kindness that he let me live so long
And to go back to dear old Dixie Land to stay

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