When you're blue just yodel

Oh I know a lot of people who worry night and day
I'll tell you folks don't worry, cause really it don't pay
It'll take your wealth, it'll ruin your health, it'll make you look a fright
I know a cure for those who're blue, it'll make you feel alright

	All you've got to do-oo-oo, when you're feelin' blue-oo-oo is
	All you've got to say-ya-ya, to drive the blues away-ay-ay is

Oh I haven't got a nickel, but I'm happy all the time
When I'm blue I yodel, boys, and it leaves me feeling fine
Take my advice and see how nice it is to fret no more
When you're done you'll find the sun a-shining in your door

	* Refrain

When the days are dark and dreary and everything seems wrong
Cheer up and smile and yodel, boys, the day won't be so long
Be like the Swiss and never miss, just yodel loud and high
When you're done you'll find you have a twinkle in your eye

	* Refrain

inserted by FC2 system