When you kneel at mother's grave

When you kneel at mohter's grave in sonelonely old churchyard 
To place a wreathe of flowers on her breast
Won't you linger for a prayer and ask to meet her
There in that land where we'll all find peace and rest

	When yiou kneel at mother's grave
	Thank her for the love she gave
	And then tell her how much you miss her
	When you kneel at your dear old mother's grave

When you kneel at Mother's grave never try to hide your tears
For many are the ones she shed for you
And now that she's asleep, don't be ashamed to weep
For there'll never be another quite so true

	* Refrain

When God called her to Heaven to take her place up there
We knew that we would miss her on our way
But she'll be our guiding light, lead us thru the darkest night
Till we meet her there on that judgement day

	* Refrain

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