Wagon yard

I am jolly farmer, last night I came to town
To fetch a bale of cotton, I&ve werked the whole year round
I put my team in the Wagon Yard and I bought me a bottle of gin
I went out to see them electric lights and watch the cars come in

I met a dude out on the street, that clock was striking nine
He said come on old hay-seed take a drink it's mine
I must have bought a dozen drinks cause it hit my pocket book hard

I wished I'd bought a half a pint and stayed in the Wagon yard
Now listen to me, farmers, I'm here to talk with sense
If you want to see them electric lights just look right over the fence
Don't monkey with them city ducks you'll find they're slick as lard
Just go and get you a half a pint and stay in the Wagon yard

Say's I'm a deacon in a hard shell church down near possum trot
If the sisters hear about my spree it's bound to make them hot
I went out on a party I got a case that kills
When I woke up that jad gone and left me with all them bills

I found them over on the corner by Souls Salvation Hall
That drunken bunch was out there singing Jesus paid it all
The put me out in a dry goods box and Lordy my pillow was hard
I wish I'd bought me a half a pint and stayed in the Wagon yard

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