Uncle Pen

Oh the people would come from far away
To dance all night till the break of day
When they called or hollered a "dosido"
Then old uncle Pen was ready to go

     Lay me in a box and down
     High on the hill and above the town
     Uncle Penn played the fiddle Lord how it'd ring
     You could hear it talk you could hear it sing

Well he played an old tune called Soldier's Joy
And then one called Baltimore
But the greatest of all was Jimmy Lynn
To me that's where the fiddlin' began

  * Refrain

Well old uncle Penn was a fine old man
He washed his face in a fryin' pan
He combed his hair with a wagon wheel
And died with a toothache in his heel

  * Refrain

I'll never forget that mournful day
When Uncle Penn was called away
They hung up his fiddle and they hung up his bow
They knew it was time for him to go

  * Refrain

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