Travelin' blues

I had a dream last night I thought my good gal had gone
Woke up this morning she'd really done me wrong
I know it's not fair
But my good gal had caught the air

    I'm going away, leaving today, I'm gonna bring my baby back
    If that eight whool driver don't jump the railroad track
    I'll take her from that man
    I'm gonna bring her home if I can

My gal's been trifling a-round just about a week I know
Several of my friends done told me so and so
She's found a new man
So now I undrstand

    * Refrain

It's true my baby's gone I know it won't be long
Til' we'll both be on that train my baby's coming home again
She's found a new man
So now she's throwed him down

    * Refrain

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