There was a time

Back to my hometown I wandered one day
It seems that my old friends had drifted away
I wandered down main street a view to enjoy
I met with a girl that I loved as a boy

She glanced at me calmly and calmly walked by
She didn't recall me for years have gone by
She has forgotten the love that we knew
She has forgotten, oh can it be true

	There was a time when our hearts beat as one
	All I can say now is see what you've done
	Gone are the days when we thrilled to each vow
	She has forgotten everything now

Memories linger causing me pain
Tearing my heart out dreaming in vain
Gone are the kisses that I used to know
She has forgotten long long ago

I still have her picture, her face sweet and fair
A rose that she gave me, a lock of her hair
I'll treasure and keep them it's silly I know
For she has forgotten long , long ago

	* Refrain

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