The lonely dancer

She dreamt she was a dancer child of the road
Gypsy of the world and a broken home
Daughter of a drunken man taking life the best she can
One more stop for a dream and a heavy load

Trading her tomorrows for a look at yesterday
Her man was good and so was the life she led
One step from behind her two steps made her blinder
Three steps and she finally lost her man

	And he told her that he loved her
	And he told her that he cared
	Now she's gone and he'll just have to carry on
	For she's the rock taht's turned to sand

Glidin' across the stage like a bird with a broken wing
Takin' falls and doing one night stands
Ladies of the evening dancing while they're dreaming
Some will touch the sun and some won't land

The blinking of the turnstile makes it cold like a New York wind
The train goes by and memories pass along
One more try for Vegas screams that try to make us
A cold reality because she's alone

	* Refrain

inserted by FC2 system