The little girl and the dreadful snake

Our darling wandered far away
While she was out at play
Lost in the woods she couldn't hear a sound
She was our darling girl
The sweetest thing in the world
We searched for her but she couldn't be found

    I heard the screams of our little girl far away
    Hurry daddy there's an awful dreadful snake 
    I ran as fast as I could though the dark and dreary woods
    But I reached our darling girl too late

Oh, I began  to sigh, I knew that soon she'd havce to die
For the snake was warning me close by
I held her close to my face she said Daddy kill that snake
It's getting dark tell Mommy goodbye

 * Refrain

To all parents I must say don't let your children stray away
They need your love to fuide them along
Oh, God, I pray we'll see our darling someday
It seems we still can hear her voice around our home

 * Refrain

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