The leaves mustn't fall

The autumn leaves were falling the snow was soon to come
As I was walking down the lonesome road
I saw a little fellow, he was sittin' alll alone
Aa-catchin' leaves as they come tumblin' down

	The leaves mustn't fall oh no they mustn't fall
	I'm tying the leaves so they will stay
	I've lost my mom and dad now sister's all I have
	Don't let the fallin' leaves take her away

My little sister's seven and she's a pretty thing
As pretty as a picrture on the wall
The doctor came last summer, he said that she would die
When autumn leaves had turned and started to fall

	* Refrain

So won't you help me mister, won't you help me tie the leaves
We'll tie them to the branches good and strong
And if we tie them tightly we can keep my sister here
And show that doctor man that he is wrong

	* Refrain

inserted by FC2 system