The jokes on you

Yea, they tell me you've been playin around and a making every night spot in town
They say you've been living it up and having you a ball
Well I guess you think that I'm a fool but sweetie I've got news for you
You're only doing it for spite Lord that's all

    Well you're vehind in all events it's something tha the old devil sent
    You never know just what it is to be true honey I ain't been a-sittin around
    While you're out painting up the town I juess you think that I'm a fool
    But this time honey, the jokes on you

Well go ahead laugh and be gay honey try to hurt me in every way
Stay downtown wher the lights are bright
You'll hurt no one but yourself no love from me you've ever felt
Now it's all wrong but do it honey if you think it's right

    * Refrain

I've lived it up from coast ot coast been in more towns than you'll ever go
Honey you ain't the only one can pull a sneak
When you think you've got everything set, I'm going to laugh myself to death
Honey you mean good it's your brain thats weak

    * Refrain

inserted by FC2 system