That beautiful woman

I came home this evening
To a home that's been broken so long
Five years since Mary was buried
She died the day Billy was born

I found little Billy a-weeping
I wiped the tears from his eyes
I asked him what was the matter
With these words to me he replied

    Who was that beautiful woman
    Who spent the day with me
    And held me close to her bosem
    And sang sweet songs to me

I asked him about this woman
No one was expected that day
With tears in his eyes he descrived her
His thoughts seemed to be far away

On her cheeks she had a dimple
On her forehead she bore a star
She knew all about you and me dad
She'd been gone away so long

I stood there in silence
I wondered how this could be
This woman he saw was his mother
A woman he never did see

I had no pictures of Mary
To show little Billy you see
How can I explain this to Billy
Oh won't you explain it to me

    * Refrain

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