Teardrops falling in the snow

Page by page our life is written in the Master's book above
Wonder if he makes an entry for each darling mother's love
Like the one I saw this morning enter thru the station door
She was crying softly crying, teardrops falling in the snow

As she came up to the window passing me a letter through
She was waiting for a casket, one draped in red, white and blue
Then she said I'll wait outside sir, soon I know the train will blow
I could see her through the window, teardrops falling snow

Then the whistle of the engine broke the silence of the air
As the train was slowly stopping, on her lips there was a prayer
On the box there was a number, and a name was scribed below
As she looked upon the casket, teardrops falling in the snow

There's a new-made grave awaiting, andits depths are dark and cold
Just to claim this mothers darling, war for her has taken toll
But I'm sure they'll meet up yonder where God's children always go
And I always will remember teardrops falling in the snow

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