Talking to mother

Oh mother dear I've missed you since you have been gone
I cannot see your face, or hear your voice I know
But when I play we're talking on the telephone
It seems to me that you can hear my glad " Hello "

	Hello my mother dear, the line I think is clear
	We'll not disturb the angels 'round the shining throne
	I'm lonely here today, 'twill drive my cares away
	To play like we are talking on the telephone

I do not understand just why you had to go
Without your presence leaves me here so sad and lone
Sometimes it seems that I can hear uyour sweet " Hello "
When I play like we're rtalking on the telephone

	* Refrain

They tell me that you loved and kept the Lord's command
I know that you are happy there beside his throne 
I think that he looks down, and smiles and understand
When I play like we're talking on the telephone

	* Refrain

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