Summer wages

Never hit seventeen
When you play against the dealer
For you know that the odds won't ride with you
And never leave your woman alone
When your friends are out to steal her
Years are gambled
And lost like summer wages

And we'll keep a rollin' on
'till we get to Vancouver
And the woman that I love is living there
It's been six long months and more
Since I've seen her
She may be gambled
And lost like like summer wages

And all the beer taverns
All down along young street
The dreams of the seasons
Are all spilled down on the floor
All the big stands of timber
Just waitin' for fallin'
And the hustlers sittin' watchfully
As they wait there by the door

So I'll work on them towboats
In my slippery city shoes
Which I swore I would never do again
Though the grey fogbound streets
Where the cedars staned watchin'
I'll be far off
And lost my summer wages

She's a woman so fine
I may never try to find her
For good memories are
What we had before
They sould never be changed
For they are all I'll take with me
Now I've gambled
And lost my summer wages

Years are gambled
And lost like summer wages

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