Smokey mountain memories

Smokey mountain memories got my home in Tennessee
Yesterdays keep callin' me, calling me home
Mountains risin' in my soul, higher than the dreams I've known
Misty eyes they cling to me, my Smokey mountain memories

And old gray man with a dog asleep at his feet
Plays a worn out fiddle full of melody
He smiles with his eyes but the lines on his face
Told me as much as the tunes he played

Talk about my Smokey mountain memories pretty girls in Tenessee
I was such a fool to leave, leave her all alone
Think about her in my dreams, wonder if she thinks of me
I'll always hold her close to me in my Smokey mountain memories

So mister play your fiddle please, play some mountain memories
I've been down a lonely road so far from home
Nothing left to hold on to I made some plans but they fell thru
Now there's nothing left for me but my Smokey mountian memories

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