Signal light

A little girl on a sickbed lay
And death seemed very near
Her parent's pride and the only child
Of a railroad engineer

As his duty called him from those he loved
His heart was filled with fear
And as his tears he shed to his wife he said:
"I'll leave two lanterns dear".

"You may place a light from the window tonight
From there it can be seen
If our darling's dead you can show the red
If she's better then show the green."

On his bended knees by his little girl's bed
He prayed to God above,
"Oh Lord, we need our little girl so,
Won't you please spare the one we love?"

In the cottage small by the railroad side
From the mother's watchful eye
Shown a gleam of hope through her gentle smile
As the train went rolling by.

Just one short glance was his only chance,
But the signal light was seen
There arose a prayer amid the midnight air
Thanking God that the light was green.
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