shiloh hill
Update 2002-07-20

Come all you gallant soldiers a story I will tell.
About a bloody battle on top of shiloh hill.
It was an awful struggle that would cause your heart to chill.
All from the bloody battle on top of shiloh hill.

Twas on the sixth of April about the break of day.
The drums and fifes were playing for us to march away.
My feelings at that moment I do remember still.
When first my feet were tromping on top of shiloh hill.

About the hour of sunrise the battle first began.
Before the fight was over we fought them hand to hand.
The horrors of the battle I do remember still.
The wounded and the dying on top of shiloh hill.

Early upon the next morning we picked a fight again.
Unmindful of the wounded unuseful to the slain.
The cannon smoke did hide the sun,ten thousand was the kill.
And streams of blood went running on top of shiloh hill.

My uniform of blue was turned into a purplish shade of red.
When someone on a foaming steed did strike me on the head.
I sent a bullet through his heart and as he fell away.
I saw the face of my dear father dressed in bloody gray.

We won the battle but my heart was filled with pain.
The one who brought me to this world I'll never see again.
I prayed to Christ my savior consistent to his will.
God save those poor boys on top of shiloh hill.
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