Secret of the waterfall

      Down by the waterfall    
      Where the waters run so cool
      There no secrets ever fall    
      From the lips of the fool

Jeniffer was seventeen the same age as I
She had lived next door to us since we were five
She knew I loved her dearly, I told her many times
And I looked forward to the day that she would be all mine

One more year of school we thought, then wedding bells would ring
But the hand of fate has ways of changing everything
I walked up on the two of them down by the waterfall
Jeniffer and Jimmy Jones they saw me not at all

  * Refrain

Jimmy Jones was married and had a family
And I just couldn't understand why they did this to me
They both were scared but all they thought I'd do was tell his wife
Their faces turned to masks of fear before I took their lives

People thought that Jeniffer just up and ran away
Jimmy Jones who disappeared is a mystery today
Many years have passed but vividly I still recall
And only I alone know what's behind the waterfall  

  * Refrain
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