Righteous prayer

Someone prayed a righteous prayer a soul was saved a life was spared
A heart was healed a victory was won
All because someone who cared let their hopes into the air
With their faith in God's only son

        Righteous prayere will deliver, righteous prayer will prevail
        Those who call his name will know he's there
        God gave us the way by giving us his son
        Through him we can pray righteous prayer

Someone prayed a rightous prayer for someone in deep depair
Who'd given up on life and all it holds
'Till a Christian cared enough to kneel down and pray with love
And God reached down and touched a mortal soul

        * Refrain

Jesus always meets us there our burdens all he gladly bears
When we trust his enough to let them go
For through him God can hear the sweetest sound to his ear
Righteous prayer the message of the soul

        * Refrain

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