Now sometimes I stop and wonder
Why I can't let myself enjoy
The special I'm in
All the wonderful place I've been
My eyes are on the future
But I can't thihnk about my past
My inspirations
Always exceeds my grasp

	You got to reach a little hit higher
	When the light within becomes a fire
	Hey hey oh oh you've got to grow
	You got to reach a little bit higher
	To get a hold on all that you desire
	Stretch yuour soul and you'll never grow old

When the habits of a lifetime
Become a painful cage
You want to break out
But you don't know how to change, no no no
Now you may have a bision
And you may have a friend
Who will come to you ( he might come tome )
He might say these same words again
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

	* Refrain

inserted by FC2 system