Pretty little miss

Pretty little miss out in the garden
A strange young man came riding by
Down at the gate her did address her
Saying,'pretty little miss won't you marry me'

Oh no, my love is on the ocean
Seven years out on the sea
And if he sails seven years longer
No man on earth can marry me

Perhaps your loved one he has drowned
Perhaps he's in some battle land
Perhaps he's stole some girl and married
You'll never see your love again

Oh if he's drowned I hope he's happy
Or if he's in some battle land
Or if he stole some girl and married
I'll love the girl that married him

He pulled his hands out of his pockets
His fingers being keen and smail
This is the ring you placed upon him
Down by his feet she did fall

He picked her up in armsof tender
He gave her one two three
This is your little single soldier
Returning home for to marry thee

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