Poor rambler

Come gather around me good people
My life I must reveal
Tomorrow could have been different
And I know how my darlin' orta feel

When I had plenty of money
My friends were all standin' around
But when my pocket book was empty
Not a friend on earth could be found

The last time I saw my little woman
She had a wine glass in her hand
She was drinkin' down her troubles
With a low down dirty man

My daddy taught me plenty
My momma she taught me more
If I didn't duit my dirty ways
Ther'd be trouble knocking at my door

I wrote my momma a letter
I told her that I was in jail
She wrote me back a letter
Saying honey I will come and go your bail

I'm laying around in this jailhouse
Forty dollars will pay my fine
Corn whisky has done got my body
Pretty women have troubled my mind

Get me cornbread when I'm hungry
Corn whisky when I'm dry
Pretty women may swarm around me
Sweet heaven when I die

Go dig a hole in the meadow
Go dig me a hole in the ground
Come gather round me good people
And watch this poor rambler go down

inserted by FC2 system