Poet with wings

With memories of your sweet love on my mind
I thumb my way south in the rain
Thinkin' of bridges I've burned in my life
Each bridge causes somebody pain
But yesterday's apples are gone from the trees
Sour grapes are gone from the vine
Tomorrow a new life is starting for you
While nothin' is changing in mine

	A drifter is only a poet with wings
	He moves but he can't learn to fly
	Runnin' in footsteps ahead of his time
	With no one to hear if he cries

I'm only a south wind that blew in your life
To warm you but just for a while
I know what it means, sweetheart, when you lose
But someday you'll look back and smile
I can't be your lover, you don't want a friend
I guess that's the way it must be
For nothing remains as it was yesterday
You'd only be hurt loving me

	* Refrain

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