One loaf of bread
Update 2002-07-30

Now mommy and dad oh they live down the street
They'll go out drinking when there's nothing to eat
The children they'll cry for they've never been fed
Before I'd break out a window Lord, I'd rather be dead

Cold winds a-blowin Oh the wind how it howls
My mother and dad are lost in the crowd
They'd rather spend money for whiskey and gin
That's why I broke out a window Lord for one loaf of bread

        I begged and cried for the other kids sake
        Not a penny or nickel or dime could I make
        A light shouwn from a store up ahead
        I broke out the window for one loaf of bread

A table prepared oh in Heaven on high
Where the children of God have no need to cry
Oh when I am gone Lord let it be said
I thank you dear Lord for this one loaf of bread

A free little grave just outside of town
Where family anbd friends all gatherd round
To gaze at a stone with words they have read
They'll break no more windows and steal no more bread

        * Refrain
inserted by FC2 system