Nothing wasted, nothing gained

If love has bright eyes
To judge by your face
Why did you come back anyway
But as long as you're here
You might as well stay
Nothing wasted, nothing gained

Don't say that I'm cruel
If tell the truth
I gave up kindness after you
I'll take your tears now
Your smile used to do
Prove to me you want me with your pain
Nothing wasted, nothing gained

	Hold me closely one more time
	Try to re-light the fire that's died
	If you wanna make love it's all right
	ven if the morning changes your mind
	Nothing wasted, nothing gainede

I still think of you
In so many ways
You're part of my best yesterdays
I hate to see them fade away
Already life goes by too fast
Can't just one thing stay the same

	* Refrain

inserted by FC2 system