No place to pillow my head

Once I was happy, heart free from care
And a daddy and mama so sweet
Dolls, little doggies and playthings so dear
Had stockings and shoes on my feet

But now thru this world I must wander along
Begging for pennies and bread
For I have no daddy or mama or home
No place to pillow my head

	No home ( no home ) no home ( no home )
	No place to pillow head
	The day seems so sad and the nights are so long
	Since daddy and mother are dead

My daddy is resting far over the sea
In the fields where the poppies peep thru
Marked by a cross that shines with green leaves
Beside his comrades so true

His soul is gone to the father above
They slumber so peaceful and sweet
The battle is over for him over there
The bugle has sounded retreat

	* Refrain

inserted by FC2 system