New black suit

I've got a new black suit in a box on the shelf
It's she first new suit ever bought for myself
If it was gray or blue I would think it a prize
But that new black suit brings tears to my eyes

    Mama's dying, mama's dying
    And I just can't stand the thought
    How can I bear it, must I wear it
    That new black suit I bought

I was just last night the doctor looked at me and said
Son I've done all I can soon your mom will be dead
So I sent for the preacher and called up the kin
Before long, one by one, they'll all start comming in 

  * Refrain

In that new black suit that I couldn't afford
I watched them carry my mom as she goes to the lord
Then I'll think about Heaven and try not to cry
As I stand by her for that last good-bye

  * Refrain

inserted by FC2 system