My pretty Quadroon

I'll never forget when I met sweet Cora, my pretty Qaudroon
I see her dear eyes shining yet as we vowed to be true neath the moon
Her form was exceding fair she had cheeks like the wild rose in June
And the ringlets of dark glossy hair were the curls of my pretty Quadroon

	Oh my pretty Quadroon, my flower  that faded too soon
	My heart like the strings on my banjo all broke from my pretty Quadroon
	My heart like the strings on my banjo sll broke from my pretty Quadroon

So happy were we for a while like two love vieds we dwelt mid the flowers
And the sweetness of Cora's bright simile seemed  to ripen the blush of the flower
But happiness fade like the rose and before the next full of the moon
The grim reaper knocked at my door took Cora my pretty Quadroon

	* Refrain

Farewell to Kentucky's green hills, farewell to Kentucky's green shore
Farewell to the green clover fields where Cora and I often strayed
My sorrow will soon be forgot and my heart will find rest in the tomb
But my spirit will fly to the spot and watch O'er my pretty Quadroon

	* Refrain

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