Muddy bottom

A country boy don't perspire and a city girl don't sweat
Any fool can tell you either one well make you wet
Now I found out the hard way and I can tell you yet
You'll do one or the other down in Muddy bottom

	Muddy bottom is a cornfield that my daddy gave to me
	It laid along a river bank back home in Tennessee
	The hottest place this side of where nobody wants to be
	Ruddy, cruddy good old Muddy bottom

I hankered for the city and all the city lights
So I let out to make my way and see the city sights
I catch myself thinking thru long hot city nights
I'd be way better off back down in muddy bottom

Muddy bottom ain't as lonely as a busy city street
And rattle snakes ain't half as mean as lost of folks I meet
I came to the conclusion that old bottom's jard to beat
Ruddy, cruddy good old muddy bottom

I sure do miss the river and my secret fishing pool
Miss the girls Ichase down thru the cornfield after school
You may not understand it but I) sure do miss my mule
Now I wonder why I left old muddy bottom

	* Refrain

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