Well, hello Mr.Bottle
We seem to meet again
Today has been a long day
Thought it would never end
I knew that you'd be waiting
You never turn me down
I'm gonna tell you, all my troubles
In you I'll let them drown

    An empty bottle on the table
    And the juke box plays too loud
    I seem to be so all alone
    Even though I'm with a crowd
    If I see my baby's sweet face
    Coming through that door
    I wouldn't have to drown my sorrow
    In Mr.Bottle anymore

Now listen, Mr.Bottle
I think you are my friend
You've helped me over troubles
That never seem to end
I've searched my mind, so many times
To see if I was wrong
Now it doesn't seem to matter
I just want my baby home

  * Refrain

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