Mountain girl

She lived on the trail that winds
By the river and through the pines
Her memory will never fade away
Of all the treasures in this world
Diamonds, rubies, gold and pearls
None are like my little mountain girl

	They say time passed slowly
	Way up in the mountains
	Brother I can tell you that it's true
	To blue
	Like the heart of a little mountain girl

I can't forget the days gone by
Runnin', laughin', sometimes cryin'
hopin' that a dream would never end
If time would let me walk right back
Through the pine trees to the shack
How I'd love to see that girl again

	* Refrain

Now if and when I'm old and gray
And life has nearly passed away
And I can see my race is almost run
And if they ask my last request
I'll pray some boy's heart be blessed
God may there always be mountain girls

	* Refrain

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