Mary dear
Update 2002-07-22

Goodbye Mary I must go said a lad now don't be slow
For it's duty calls me far across the sea
Take this autumn leaf of gold said the maid we'll never grow old
Always wear it near your heart and think of me

Meet me yonder down the lane when I come back home again
Neath the tree where this autumn leaf once grew
Kiss me Mary then we'll part said the lad with a broken heart
When the leave begin to fall I'll be with you

    I'll be there Mary dear, I'll be there
    When the fragrance of the roses fills the air
    Neath that oak tree grand and tall when the leaves begin to fall
    I'll be there, yes, I'll be ther, sweet Mary dear

See the lad with empty sleeve and his comrades taking leave
They're now home again, the transport has come back
If she loved you long ago she won't love you less I know
And one arm will do to h old her to you, Jack

It was autumn time again as he wandered down the lane
There beneath that old oak tree he found a grave
There he knelt in silent prayer for the one he loved slept there
And the tears fell on the golden leaves she gave

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