Low down dirty dog

	You low down dirty dog, why did you steal my hog
	Why don't you get a job and go to work
	If lazy was a dime a bale you'd be a millionaire
	Just sittin' in your golden rockin' chair

I plow the fields and planted corn and bought a little pig
I work so hard and fed it good and soon it got real big
Then late one night some dirty dog stole the pig from the pen
He even stole the friyin' pan to fix the bacon in

	* Refrain

Now some folks think a little work is gonna make them sick
they set right back in their easy chair and never hit a lick
They laugh at me for workin' hard from sun to settin' sun
And the first time my back is truned they steal my pig and run

	* Refrain

You seet there in your golden rockin' chair

inserted by FC2 system