Lonesome old song

I set here in shame while the records are playing
The bules hang around me no need to go home
I keep on a drinking and wandering about her
That lonesome old song reminds me she's gone

    That lonesome old song keep on a playing
    And telling a story that makes me so blue
    How the girl that I love has gone on and left me
    That lonesome old song reminds me of you

I know I'm a fool to still care about her
She's been unfaithful, unkind and untrue
But all that she's done right now don't matter
That lonesome old song reminds me we're thru

  * Refrain

I know some day I'll get over losing
She only girl I could ever call mine
Since she's gone away, my life ain't worth living
For a lonesome old song and a bottle of wine

  * Refrain

inserted by FC2 system