Lonely cowboy

	Whoopee ti yi yay
	Ride along lonely cowboy
	Whoopee ti yi yo
	You can never go home
	For the lady you love
	Wants an Eastern lawyer
	She chose the gentlman
	You chose the road

It's a long long way
For cambridge to Missouri
And this ten dollar nag
She won't get along
It's cold and it's snowin'
And the cowboy that rides her
He cries in her mane
As he hums this song

	* Refrain

In a house in North Boston
The lady sits cryin'
True love has wanished
Like straw in the wind
She has a carriage
White gloves and diamonds
She has a lawyer
And cries for the man

	* Refrain x 2

She chose the riches
You moved along

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