Little Mohee

As I was out walking for my pleasure one day
I craved recreation, as the day passed away
I sat me dawm musing, alone in the grass
When who should come by me, but a young Indian lass

She came and sat by me, and taking my hand
Said: "You look like a stranger from a far distant land
But if you will rise, sir, and come with me
I'll teach you the language of the little Mohee

"No! No! My fair maiden, this never can be
For I have a true-love in my own country
And I'll not forsake her, for I know she loves me
Her heart is still faithful-My little Mohee"

She said: "When you return, sir, to the land that you know
Remember the maiden where the coconuts grow"
And the last time I saw her, she was out on the sand
As my ship sailed out past her, she waved me her hand

And now I am landed on my own native shore
With friends and relations all around me once more
But of all who surround me, not one can I see
Who really compares with my little Mohee

And the girl I had trusted proved untrue to me
So I said I'll turn backward across the blue sea
I'll set my course outward, and away I will flee
Spend the rest of my days with my little Mohee

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