Little Maggie
Update 2002-07-19

Yonder stands LIttle Maggie
With her dram glass in her hand
She's drinkin' away her troubles, oh lord
And foolin' another man

Marching down to the station
Suitcase in my hand
Going away for to leave you
Going to some far-off land

Pretty flowers were made for blooming
Pretty stars were made to shine
Pretty girls were made for lovin'
Little Maggie were made to be mine

How can I ever stand it
Just to see those two blue eyes
Shining like the diamonds
The diamonds in the sky

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Put away your last gold dollar
Put away your goid watch and chain
Little Maggie's gonna dance for daddy
Listen to that five string ring

Go away go away Little Maggie
Go and do the best you can
I'll get me another woman
You can get you another man
inserted by FC2 system