Letter edged in black
Update 2002-07-23

I was stnding by my window yesterday morning
Without a thought of worry or of care
When I saw the postman coming up the pathway
With such a happy face and jolly air

He rang the bell and whistled while he waited
He smailed and said good morning to you Jack
But he little knew the sorrow that he brought me
As he handed me the letter edged in black

With trembling hands I took the letter from him
I opened it and this is what it said
Come home my boy your poor old father wants you
Come home my boy your dear old mother's dead

The last words that your mother ever uttered
Was tell my darling boy to come back
My eyes are blurred my poor old heart is breaking
While I'm writing you this letter edged in black

Those angry words I wish I'd never spoken
I didn't mean what I said to you Jack
May the Angels bear me witness I am asking
Your forgiveness in this letter edged in black
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