Kentucky song

Kentucky's winter mornin' like a baby freshly born
Its snowy blanket may look cold but the feeling's soft and warm
Though the world looks trapped beneath the ice on evergreens
Life is waiting crouched to set the Spring

	Kentucky's just as close to heaven as I'll ever come
	Up there the morning dew shines like emeraids in the sun
	Bluegrass in the meadow lifts you right up to the sky
	And I hope that I can go back to Kentucky when I die

Kentucky springhtime sgternoon with perfume in the air
Like a young girl running free with flowers in her hair
Warm threads of sunlight weave a blanket on the meadow
A bed just right for any weary fellow

	* Refrain

Kentucky summer days are lazy and long
The air is full of sunshine and the woods are full of song
Father and his son sit beside a crystal stream
Reflection off their past and future dreams

Kentucky's autumn evening front room rockin' chair
An old man lights his pipe and blows smoke rights in the air
He smiles down at the children sittin' by his knee
He tells them stories made of memories

	* Refrain

Yeah, where the bluegrass in the meadow lifts you right up in the sky
And I hope that I can go back to kentucky when I die

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