Just another broken heart

They stood on the beach one evening
Out in the moonlight fair
Was a boy in the prime of manhood
And a girl of beautiful rare

"Oh, I never thought that you loved me"
An innocent look of surprise
Crept out from beneath her lashes
And into her deep brown eyes

	"Oh sir, I was only a flirting only a playing a part"
	Just anoter boy's life ruined
	Just another broken heart

Sir, I'm to be married this winter
Farewell, and she gave me her hand
And throwing a rove around her
She left me alone on the sand

He goes with a crowd of passers
Always bitter and cold
Just anther boy's life ruined
Just another boy grown old

There's a rose grows in your garden
Wiite rose is the emblem of peace
And when I am dead little darling
Plant that rose at my head and my feet

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