Jesse James

Jesse James was a man who rambled thru the land
He robbed many a bank and a train
He was leader of a band, a bold and wicked band
Many was the people that was slain

	Oh no more Jesse James, no more Jesse James
	They laid poor Jesse James in his grave
	As he went to turn his head little Bobbie shot him dead
	And they laid poor Jasse James in his grave

Jesse was an expert shot his bullets found the spot
His aim was deathly and true
With his pistol by his side, well he wandered far and wide
As many poor robber men do

 * Refrain

Jesse James had a wife who mourned all her life
Because of Jesse's wicked ways
But she couldn't stay his hand nor stop the robber band
Her grief made fer old and gray

 * Refrain

But his end had come at last from a bullet quick and fast
From a comrade he trusted in his band
And the death he paid was just when they laid him in the dust
He had been such a terror in the land

 * Refrain

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