It's in my mind to ramble

It's been quite a while since I've seen you my dear
I've been gone a long, long time
All these nights on the road I've been talking to myself
I can't believe I left you behind

    It's in my mind to ramble, I hope you understand
    Sometime I find I just have to go
    I know it's hard, my darling, forgive me if you can
    For you know that I love you so

Now back in the days when we were together
You were always so good and kind
But one night I stole away and I took to the road
I guess I just don't know my mind

  * Refrain

And now I'm coming back to our home, honey babe
Please accept me though I've been wrong
I think my wandering ways are going to vanish in a haze
And I'll realize that's where I belong

  * Refrain

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