I'm still to blame

If today the sun should set
And night find me in bitter tears
I know that the fault is all my own
With shadows falling all around dark in the streets of this old town
I know I can't grow old dear all alone

	I have no reason to turn home now
	Or hang my head in cryin' shame
	The nights are always could for a person growin' old
	And darlin' I know I'm still to blame

As the days go rolling by time will try to dim my eyes
But the memory of our love dear still holds strong
I'll still hold you in my arms I'm stay home where I belong
For in my dreams you'll never, never die

	* Refrain

The road I chose to travel on now I realize wrong
Too late for you to ever care again
Too late to take back back all the lies or to dry my weepin' eyes
I should have known just where the road would end

	* Refrain

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