I'm on my way back home

I've been around this whole wide world
I've been aruoud this land
I've seen and I've done and I've walked and I've run
Takin' my knocks best I can

	I'm on my way back home
	Oh I'm on my way back home
	I'm headin' back to that clapboard shack
	I'm on my way back home

Watch the moon rise from an old pagoda
Watch the sun rise on San Francisco Bay
In my mind I'm in tune with the sun and the moon
And white gulls flew over the bay

	* Refrain

I'm headin' down the track
And I ain't got no Cadilac
God a nickel in my jeans and a rusty can of beans
And a hobo pal named Jack

	* Refrain

If I should happen to meet you
Won't you come in and set a spell
Rest your feet on the hearth of an old fireplace
And I'll draw you a drink from the well

	* Refrain

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