I'm living the right life now

The midnight has passed, it's morning at last
No longer in fear I bow
All wanderings are done, a pardon I've won
I'm living the right life now

        Yes! Glory to God, I'm washed in his blood
        The sunlight is on my brow
        I'm happy and whole, there's peace in my soul
        I'm living the right life now

The pleasures of sin, all blackened within
No longer can charm my soul
For pleasures I find in spirit and mind
In Jesus who made me whole

        * Refrain

No brudens I'll bear, my pathway is there
And Jesus is at my side
His story I'll tell in Heaven I'll dwell
Adoring my faithfuyl guide

        * Refrain

Oh sinners astray, seek Jesus today
The right life is for the best
Come out of the night, come into the light
Wnere souls are so freely blest


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