I'm a pilgrim
Update 2002-07-22

I'm a pilgrim and a stranger
Traveling through this worisome land
I've got a home in that yonder city
And it's not (Good Lord and it's not)
Not made by hand

I've got a mother a sister and a brother
Who have gone on before
And I'm determined to go and meet them, good lord
Over on (good Lord I believe) that other shore

I'm going down to the river of Jordan
Just to cleanse my weary soul
If I could touch but the hem of His garment, good lord
I believe (good Lord I believe) that it would make me whole

(Additional verse)
And when I'm dead, lying in my coffin
All of my friends all gathered around
They will say that he is just laying there sleeping, Lord
Sweet peace (good Lord, sweet peace) his soul was found
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